August 31, 2013

Modest Marvel: Rohma Sahib (ISNA 2013 day 2)

When the Spice Girls were big, I was all about Sporty Spice.  Being a gymnast and all around active kid, I rejected pink and other characteristics that may have given anyone the idea that I was a girly girl.  Remember Kristy Thomas and Mary Anne Spier from The Babysitters Club?  I was also rooting for Kristy and annoyed at Mary Anne.

That preference surfaces from time to time, which is how I spotted Rohma Sahib at ISNA.  She had a straightforward, uncomplicated outfit without looking boring - a little bit of feminine edge mixed in with an athletic casualness.

Name: Rohma Sahib
Background: A senior in at University of Maryland, she's studying English and (something else, but my messy notes are now indecipherable!), but with the intention of getting her masters in psychology soon after her undergraduate degree.
What we love about her style:  Rohma's style appealed to my wanna-be Californian, free spirit, breezy casual side.  She sported a pair of skinny cuffed jeans with a lacy baby doll hi-low top and Sperry's - the ultimate in comfortable shoes (I've been eyeing a shimmery pair from Nordstrom and her outfit has pretty much sold me on them!).  In the waves of silky fabrics, Rohma showed us that dressing up wasn't the only way to maintain modesty in style.
About her style:  Rohma trends towards a 1920s vintage look, with lots of lace and loose flapper inspired looks, mixed with Bohemian grunge.
Your no-limit gift card would be to...?: Free People - lots of their pieces go with her wardrobe, and can easily be dressed up or down.

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