August 30, 2013

Modest Marvel: Hoda Abrahim (ISNA 2013 day 1)

You're seeing two photos and wondering, "um, which one is Day 1?  Why are there two outfits?"

The short answer: the outfit on the right is from ISNA 2013 day 1, but when we went back to Winnie Detwa's booth on day 2, I fell in love with Hoda's outfit all over again, and therefore had to break my own rules.

Many thanks to Hoda for being our first Modest Marvel of ISNA 2013!

Name: Hoda Abrahim
Background: Hoda is Egyptian-American, born and raised in North Carolina.  She recently started her junior year of college and is pursuing a degree in nutrition, with a "hopes of being a dietician for a professional sports team (inshallah!)"
What we love about her style:  Her use of prints and bright colors (turns out, she and I both loved the same things about her style, as you read below) were a natural head-turner, but we can't say enough about her great smile.
Favorite pieces: "I'm notorious for wearing some sort of blouse or blazer with high waisted skirts. I love it because there's no limit to my creativity, the possibilities are endless!"
About her style: Hoda couldn't settle on a single term to describe her style, as it changes just about every week; however, she says one thing she never deviates from is bright colors. "You will rarely see me in blacks/ browns. I'm all about orange and yellow and bright pink!"
What she's looking to achieve in an outfit:  As for most Muslim women, her number one concern is modesty and comfort, which go hand-in-hand for her.  "I don't want to walk out of the house and feel self conscious about my body or how revealing an outfit is."  By adding bright colors, she feels like they "brighten" her day (though I'm sure that smile has something to do with that!) and prepares her to take on the world!  "My electric colors are a fake source of vitamin D ;)"
What makes an outfit: "For me, my hijab is the make it or break it piece. It's the final straw that puts the whole outfit together and completes my look. If I'm not feeling my hijab, it's likely I'm not feeling my whole outfit."
Your no-limit gift card would be to...?: "If I had a no limit gift card it would probably be in my older sisters closet. She has been at the fashion game much longer than I and has a much more compete wardrobe than I do. However, if I did have to chose a store, it would be Target! It's my best kept secret, I've never gone in there and not found something I absolutely adore."

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