May 23, 2013

Reader Request: Less-Skinny Skinny Jeans

We got a request from a member of the Muslim Mom Network, Samina, asking the following:
I've also been wondering how to join the skinny jean bandwagon without actually wearing skin tight jeans; tips for buying stylish but not tight pants?
Well yes, Samina!  If you're looking to join the skinny jean revolution, without looking like your legs have been painted denim-colored paint, look for jeans labeled, "ankle", "slim", or "cropped."  We've even had luck looking for "boyfriend slim" jeans.

These are all essentially skinny jeans with less skinny.  They give you that slim fit for under tunics, shirtdresses, or other oversized tops - without looking like you wrapped your legs in plastic - and allow a modicum of privacy that jeggings throw out the window.