May 3, 2013

[Modest Gym Clothes] No floods here

Truthfully, there are some days I yearn to wear tea-length knee skirts and cute retro shorts.  There's a cuteness in some styles with more skin.  But for me, today is not that day and now is not that time.

At no time am I more thankful to have a religious obligation to wear long pants than when I'm at the gym.  Specifically, CrossFit.  We do a lot of crazy stuff and I've learned the more I'm covered, the better (deadlifts cause a lot of shin scrapes, from what I've seen!).  The challenge of being almost 5'7"  is finding long, modest workout pants (and I mean pants, not tights!) that don't come flapping up around my ankles.  It's not flooding, so I don't want to look like I'm preparing for one.

These are my pick for "pants most likely to cover my socks."  Which ones do you like the most?