May 12, 2013

[Under $50] Tweets from Last Night

Last night I said this:

And then I styled myself an outfit for my friend Kate's wedding in June.  So, I lied.  Oops.  (But you remember how I get about school and procrastination).

The wedding is still 6 weeks away (I'm sure it feels like less time to her!) so it'll be a while until I post any photos...or maybe I'll do a dress rehearsal and post some early :)

I love this long, sea green skirt - it's so loose and flowy and FRESH, which is often hard to find in the stale, stagnant pool of black maxi skirts.  I plan to pair it with the cream lace cropped top (last seen at this wedding).  The skirt is only $25 from Forever 21 and the lace top was around $20 from Forever 21 last year.

The skirt sits high on the waist, so I can comfortably pair the cropped lace top without showing any stomach, important to a modest dresser like me.  Since the dress is long (it does strangely hang lower in the front than the back), I plan to wear my 3.5-inch Rampage Gersham heels to keep the skirt from sweeping the floor.

Looking to recreate the outfit yourself?  Here are some cropped lace tops to pair with those modest long skirts.  Let me know if you end up wearing the outfit yourself!