May 23, 2013

FAVORITE FIND: Taylor Sleep Shirt from Anthropologie in Pink

You've probably noticed I've been all over Anthropologie lately.  While I usually like browsing through they racks, that I have two gift cards from a recent 30th birthday that are burning holes in my pocket.

Anthro has the possibility to make dressing fashionably, stylishly, and modestly one of the easiest things in the world...but oh, how it makes us pay for that possibility.  Which is why I'm happy to find this Favorite Find - the Taylor Sleep Shirt (in pink).

The polka dots with the delicate lace detail are nice touches to what could be an otherwise ordinary button down top.  While it claims to be a sleep shirt - and I'm sure it's uber comfy - it would be a great tunic-length top to throw over a pair of wide OR skinny leg pants, some flats, and call it a day - without spending hours in the closet, layering top over top to ensure full coverage of all the important parts of your body.