April 28, 2013

[Under $50] Today's post brought you to by a textbook case of procrastination

While I've been out of undergrad for 8 years now, and a working professional for all of those years, the classic undergraduate ailment, procrastination, never left my body.  I'm certain it is deep within my bones.  Case in point: I am currently working on two homework assignments and my annual assessment for work.  Yes, it's Sunday afternoon.  Yes, I didn't have anything to do (not really, anyway) yesterday.  And yet, it's coming down to the final few hours of the weekend.

In classic procrastination form, I am finding ways to prolong the work as much as possible.  What's the Gmail?  An announcement from Dorothy Perkins about 30% everything?  Ending TONIGHT!  STOP EVERYTHING!

So I did.  And now you have these items to peruse and consider adding to your wardrobe.  All under $50!