April 22, 2013

Over and Under (Ways to Maximize Style on that Maxi)

Until designers start adding more sleeves to their summer clothing, women seeking modest clothing will have to do it themselves.  But lucky for us, we know how to get creative.

Remember our post on peplums earlier?  You might have loved them but thought, "how else can I wear them?"  Well along came the sleeveless maxi dress.  Peplums and tank dresses are practically made for each other!  Try these peplums to give you arm coverage.  In addition to arm coverage, peplums are great to work with your curves.  Usually the waist is higher and the flare gives you the illusion of a slimmer waist.

Similarly, the new trend of tie-neck shirtdresses isn't just meant for pants.  Try layering under a sleeveless maxi dress to add some pop to an otherwise plain dress.