April 15, 2013

Modest Marvel: Sanna "Hijabsta" Naqash

You know how sometimes on your social media networks, you start seeing the same few people on Facebook that you don't actually know?  That's how I "know" Sanna.  She and I had so many overlapping friends but ourselves didn't know each other.  But I couldn't stop stalking her style.

She was always spotted wearing something unique and vibrant, always leaving me wondering, "where did she get that?"

Case in point: this outfit is what compelled me to work my network to get an intro and ask the burning question, "where did you get that top?" (Answer: Kashmir)

Not only do you see her photos and think, "ooh, I wonder where she got that," her smile make you say, "aww, I want to hang out with her!"

Name: Sanna Naqash, aka Hijabsta

Maxi dress: H&M, Cardigan: Forever 21, Hijab: Laila Rowe
Background:  Sanna is a Kashmiri American, currently residing in Northern Virginia.  She majored in psychology at VCU, but her passion is for photography and fashion.  (Check her out on Instagram here.)  It wasn't until 2004, when she first started wearing hijab, that she cites becoming more aware of her style.  "I really don’t know what happened…it’s like layering and wearing cloth after cloth became a prototype of enjoyment and thrill for me, and I started putting my outfits together like one solves and puts the pieces of a puzzle together."

What we love about her style:  What's not to love?  Sanna uses rich colors and textures, and never are any two outfits the same.  Each piece has its own story.  You look at each piece and think, "where did she get that?" and turns out, it's where you've been shopping all along!

Your favorite pieces: Maxi dresses and long, baggy tops "where one side of the shoulder is either strapless or falling down"

About her style: Sanna's style is relaxed, chic, and full of interest.  Each outfit has an element of fun.

What are you looking to achieve in an outfit?: "When I have to get ready and choose an outfit to wear or put together, I just think of what looks fun yet chic at the same time.  I just play around with what I have and put the pieces together.  I would like people to see that dressing up modestly is fun and I enjoy being covered up yet be able to look good."

What makes an outfit?:  "Modest appeal.  For me, it would have to be the hijab I wore that day."

Your no-limit gift card would be for: H&M and Zara

Sweater: H&M, Boyfriend Jeans: Forever 21, Boots: Nordstrom, Hijab: Aldo
Her disclaimer - that's apple cider she's holding!