April 22, 2013

Hello, lovely

Hellloooo, beautiful.  (I'm talking to you, our reader, of course!)

Oh, and hey, you're looking pretty good yourself over there (now I'm talking about these dresses).

First off, can I just say how excited I am that my affiliate site is doing layouts again?  I feel like those are Greater Lengths' bread and butter and in the whole ShopStyle/PopSugar Shopping cutover, we lost layouts for a while.  Glad to have them back.

Second, spring is SOCLOSE.  We had a hint of it for a week or two, then it went back to early fall weather.  While I love it for its running possibilities, I am ready for sun on my face and a breeze on my back.

I'm also ready for skirts and dresses - flowy, loose, long dresses!  I might be jumping the gun and browsing before spring really settles it but looking at maxis gets me excited for sunglasses and walking bare-footed through soft spring grass.  Check out these jersey maxis on Piperlime.  The belted sueded one on the far left is on sale, but the rest are still at full price.  Leave us a message if you like them - we'll keep you posted when they go on sale!