April 29, 2013

MODEST MARVEL: Celebrity Fashion at the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner

Here in DC, it's rare to have a celebrity sighting.  We're not New York or LA, and for the next 4 years, our only grade A celebrity sighting is Obama (though I've yet to see him in front of me - soon enough!)

However, once a year a magical thing happens - the White House Correspondents Dinner - when all the mystical celebriticism of Hollywood comes crashing down for a night of goodwill and jester towards American journalism (and lately, American journalism is the butt of many jokes...but that's my political rant for another time.)

Here are our favorite modest dressing celebrities from this year's event.  Which dress do you like the most?

Emily Mortimer, of Shutter Island, Cars, and 30 Rock fame:


Kate Mara, of House of Cards, 127 Hours, Entourage, and American Horror Story fame:


Amy Poehler, of everything fame (specifically Parks and Rec and Saturday Night Live)


April 28, 2013

[Under $50] Today's post brought you to by a textbook case of procrastination

While I've been out of undergrad for 8 years now, and a working professional for all of those years, the classic undergraduate ailment, procrastination, never left my body.  I'm certain it is deep within my bones.  Case in point: I am currently working on two homework assignments and my annual assessment for work.  Yes, it's Sunday afternoon.  Yes, I didn't have anything to do (not really, anyway) yesterday.  And yet, it's coming down to the final few hours of the weekend.

In classic procrastination form, I am finding ways to prolong the work as much as possible.  What's the Gmail?  An announcement from Dorothy Perkins about 30% everything?  Ending TONIGHT!  STOP EVERYTHING!

So I did.  And now you have these items to peruse and consider adding to your wardrobe.  All under $50!

April 23, 2013

Reader Request: Yellows, Lemons, Peaches, Corals

Frequent reader Maryam Iqbal inspired our latest post.  In response to the question, "Which spring colors are you looking for?", she replied, "Yellow, coral dress shirts, hard to find in a reasonable price."

We agree!  Corals, peaches, yellows, lemons, and anything in that soft-hued reminder of a soft spring sunset is a high-demand color for a spring wardrobe.  We've found a variety of styles and tones to infuse into your closet.  We've gone with styles and lengths of every kind, to work in as modestly as you desire.

What's your favorite item?

One-toned coral tops:

Two-toned tops:

Lemons and yellows:

April 22, 2013

FAVORITE FIND: Pink Contrast Pussy Bow Blouse

I'm compiling a post for a reader (coming tomorrow!) and came across this.  I'm fighting every bone in my body to not just purchase it now (an extra 25% off if you're a student!).  I love the loose fit and the off-center bow on the mock collar, and the neutral pink on nude chiffon layers.  With a pair of wide-leg pants, this is a great dress-me-up/dress-me-casual top.  Are you as tempted to buy this?

Over and Under (Ways to Maximize Style on that Maxi)

Until designers start adding more sleeves to their summer clothing, women seeking modest clothing will have to do it themselves.  But lucky for us, we know how to get creative.

Remember our post on peplums earlier?  You might have loved them but thought, "how else can I wear them?"  Well along came the sleeveless maxi dress.  Peplums and tank dresses are practically made for each other!  Try these peplums to give you arm coverage.  In addition to arm coverage, peplums are great to work with your curves.  Usually the waist is higher and the flare gives you the illusion of a slimmer waist.

Similarly, the new trend of tie-neck shirtdresses isn't just meant for pants.  Try layering under a sleeveless maxi dress to add some pop to an otherwise plain dress.

Hello, lovely

Hellloooo, beautiful.  (I'm talking to you, our reader, of course!)

Oh, and hey, you're looking pretty good yourself over there (now I'm talking about these dresses).

First off, can I just say how excited I am that my affiliate site is doing layouts again?  I feel like those are Greater Lengths' bread and butter and in the whole ShopStyle/PopSugar Shopping cutover, we lost layouts for a while.  Glad to have them back.

Second, spring is SOCLOSE.  We had a hint of it for a week or two, then it went back to early fall weather.  While I love it for its running possibilities, I am ready for sun on my face and a breeze on my back.

I'm also ready for skirts and dresses - flowy, loose, long dresses!  I might be jumping the gun and browsing before spring really settles it but looking at maxis gets me excited for sunglasses and walking bare-footed through soft spring grass.  Check out these jersey maxis on Piperlime.  The belted sueded one on the far left is on sale, but the rest are still at full price.  Leave us a message if you like them - we'll keep you posted when they go on sale!

April 18, 2013

An Infusion of Cool at Urban Outfitters

I love seeing emails like this: 

It means cool, trendy things at low prices.  It also means options for us modest dressing girls.  I've pulled together a few of my faves and will be posting how to wear them soon!

Click on the photo to go to the retailer's site.

April 15, 2013

Modest Marvel: Sanna "Hijabsta" Naqash

You know how sometimes on your social media networks, you start seeing the same few people on Facebook that you don't actually know?  That's how I "know" Sanna.  She and I had so many overlapping friends but ourselves didn't know each other.  But I couldn't stop stalking her style.

She was always spotted wearing something unique and vibrant, always leaving me wondering, "where did she get that?"

Case in point: this outfit is what compelled me to work my network to get an intro and ask the burning question, "where did you get that top?" (Answer: Kashmir)

Not only do you see her photos and think, "ooh, I wonder where she got that," her smile make you say, "aww, I want to hang out with her!"

Name: Sanna Naqash, aka Hijabsta

Maxi dress: H&M, Cardigan: Forever 21, Hijab: Laila Rowe
Background:  Sanna is a Kashmiri American, currently residing in Northern Virginia.  She majored in psychology at VCU, but her passion is for photography and fashion.  (Check her out on Instagram here.)  It wasn't until 2004, when she first started wearing hijab, that she cites becoming more aware of her style.  "I really don’t know what happened…it’s like layering and wearing cloth after cloth became a prototype of enjoyment and thrill for me, and I started putting my outfits together like one solves and puts the pieces of a puzzle together."

What we love about her style:  What's not to love?  Sanna uses rich colors and textures, and never are any two outfits the same.  Each piece has its own story.  You look at each piece and think, "where did she get that?" and turns out, it's where you've been shopping all along!

Your favorite pieces: Maxi dresses and long, baggy tops "where one side of the shoulder is either strapless or falling down"

About her style: Sanna's style is relaxed, chic, and full of interest.  Each outfit has an element of fun.

What are you looking to achieve in an outfit?: "When I have to get ready and choose an outfit to wear or put together, I just think of what looks fun yet chic at the same time.  I just play around with what I have and put the pieces together.  I would like people to see that dressing up modestly is fun and I enjoy being covered up yet be able to look good."

What makes an outfit?:  "Modest appeal.  For me, it would have to be the hijab I wore that day."

Your no-limit gift card would be for: H&M and Zara

Sweater: H&M, Boyfriend Jeans: Forever 21, Boots: Nordstrom, Hijab: Aldo
Her disclaimer - that's apple cider she's holding!

April 14, 2013

Skirting the Issue with Peplum Tops

I can't get over peplums.  I just can't.  For a while, I didn't know what peplums were (a peppy plum?) and when I initially discovered them, I didn't get it.  NOW I get it.  I see them everywhere and want them so badly - but always wonder how to wear them.  Peplums seem to be geared towards tight and fitted

...but thank you to the fashion industry for recognizing a few new ways: peplums with wide leg pants and peplums with maxis:




So you see, it's hard to resist.  Any why try?  There are many different ways to style this new fashion staple modestly, so make it happen!

Here are a few peplums, priced between $10-$50 to get you started.  And let us know in the comments: would you wear this?

Welcome back to me!

Geeez, was it really Mach 4 when I last posted?  I'm embarrassed, you guys.  Seriously, how did I let so much time go by?  I love blogging for you all and making your wardrobe finds easier and increasingly fashionable while maintaining modesty.  So accept my apologies.  I'm hoping to get on a more normal schedule.

What has kept me away, you ask.  Well, primarily the need for some rest.  It's been a hard few months and I just became...tired.  I thought I could keep it all going but eventually, you realize it's best not to.

What else?  Well, school.  The first term of the spring ended and the new spring term has begun.  And with that has come finals, group projects, and all that fun stuff.  But (insha'Allah!) I am about 18ish credits from graduating!  That's about 9 classes!

Oh, a secret project.  I can't tell you about it yet.  But I will.  Oh, I will.

Oh, and I helped my friend's daughter find outfits for DC MIST.  She emailed me sometime in February, asking to coordinate her team's outfits.  I had a lot of fun and the students looked great!

Finally, I turned 30.  It was lovely and wonderful and I was surrounded by a loving assortment of people.
Me with a chunk of my support network. Lots of girls not pictured (Naima, Sara, Sarah, Amie, Caroline, Hareem, the list goes on...)

Naima's mom, me, my mom, my younger brother
 Looking forward to many posts of fun, stylish, modest fashions!