March 4, 2013

Modest Marvel: Sarah Imam

One of my biggest regrets in college is that I didn't appreciate style and fashion.  You could typically find me sporting a free t-shirt and an oversized sweatshirt hoodie (similar to the one I am wearing as I write this post!), traipsing through campus (love you JMU!).  It's why when I find college students with enviable closets who are maintain a fashion sense while still modestly dressing, I have to highlight their efforts and wins.

Sarah Imam certainly falls in to this category (do you see her tan and black polka dot sweater?!)  She was the recipient of our Greater Lengths giveaway of The Limited Stitched Shawl boyfriend blazer, and sets a standard for how the next generation of modest dressers should look - without sacrificing their values.

Name: Sarah Imam

Modest Marvel Sarah Imam in her various stylish, modest outfits over her four years of college
Background: A proud product of Northern Virginia schools, Sarah is currently in her final year at University of Virginia, majoring in Foreign Affairs.  She's an avid baker and loves to read classic novels, like Jane Eyre and Gone with the Wind
What we love about her style:  Her on-point, easy style that covers up without looking bulky, frumpy, or dowdy.
Your favorite pieces:  Sarah loves her cardigans.  "I always add them on if I feel like I need to add a bit more color to what I’m wearing."  She's also been loving her mint-colored pants.  "It just adds a feeling of freshness to my look."  Her trademark touch is a flower or bow in her hair (definitely a step up from the bandana headbands I used to wear!), which is the ultimate finishing touch to almost all her outfits!
About her style:  A woman after my heart, she cites Zooey Deschanel's character from New Girl as her style inspiration.  Sarah weaves soft, feminine touches in to her outfits.  Currently, she is "obsessed" with peace, mint, and mustard colors", so you'll find her all around UVA grounds or Charlottesville with one of those colors integrated into her outfit.
What are you looking to achieve in an outfit?:  "I try to send the message that it's okay to look girly and that matching is perfection!"
What makes an outfit?:  "Any accessory makes an outfit."  Hair clips, earrings, necklaces, or belts are among the ones Sarah uses to pull an outfit together.
Your no-limit gift card would be for: "Forever 21! There are so many choices there, it's ridiculous!"

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