February 7, 2013

Inna Illahi Wa Innali Ra'jaioon

Assalaamalaikum and/or hey.

Thank you to everyone for the patience between blog posts.  The last few weeks have been a tornado of emotion in my household.  My father had been suffering through a battle with stage IV lung cancer, which had launched a heavier attack on him at the start of January.  He succumbed to the enemy within his body just after midnight this past Saturday.

Naima, the co-writer on Greater Length, and I have been best friends for literally our entire lives and among the many things we've shared has been this experience with losing our fathers to the same illness much too early in our lives.  Naima's father similarly succumbed to his illness just a few years ago.

Please make duas (say prayers) for both her father and mine.

We will begin posting again soon, insha'Allah, and look forward to hearing from you on the blog, on similar experiences in your lives, and so many other things.  Please leave us messages on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/gotoGreaterLengths) or email us (gotoGreaterLengths@gmail.com).

Thank you for your patience.


Yumn Elkhoja said...

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi La Raji'un. Sorry for your loss. May Allah (swt) give your family strength and patience through this tough time

Farrah Khan said...

Thanks Yumn. Alhumdullilah, we're getting through it with more comfort and ease than I expected and insha'Allah that is all due to duas. It's nice to think that, if duas are working so well for us, then what they must be doing for my dad and Naima's dad.

Nataliya Khan said...

I am so sorry for your loss. To Him we belong and to Him is our final return. I lost my dad to brain cancer in January of 2012 and i know the terrible pain of watching your loved one and specially your parent go through that agony and ultimately lose their life to it. It is heartbreaking. Wanted to send a private message as i am so inspired also by what you're doing, but cant find a way to message on your blog's facebook page. Keep doing what you're doing, you're awesome. Your dad must be so proud of you. Btw, I'm Nataliya and i just discovered your blog today and have been going through it for the past couple of hours. Hope to be in touch. Xoxo.

Farrah Khan said...

Nataliya - thank you SO much as duas and more duas (prayers) are the most important and requested thing for both Naima's father and my father. It is a wretching pain, one that abates, though the sadness will never ever leave us. I hope he is proud. He knew about the blog and would ask from time to time about it, but he was around just about a year after it's creation, and much of the time too tired to really keep up.

Thanks for the encouragement! I really hope my site is helping modest dressing women find what they need in the sea of fashion and shopping out there.

You can email me at gotoGreaterLengths@gmail.com. Chances are I'll start emailing you from my person address. By the way - love your blog too! You've got some awesome style...I might have to snag you for a Modest Marvel!