February 19, 2013

Hot Stuff at Anthropologie

I'm waiting for a call from a friend but spotted this AH.MAY.ZING sale at Anthropologie!  Anthro is my white whale - I'm always hunting for cute, trendy items with modest style appeal and they always allude me because everything costs a bajillion dollars (yes, a bajillion).

Unfortunately, ShopStyle/PopSugar is going through a technical makeover and my usual way of posting is not accessible.  Instead, I've tried to link you directly to the image.  We'll update when the community features are back.

I love the Fine Wale Cord Skirt ($30) and can easily see myself in the Bagatelle Blouse ($30).  And the $15 Paisley Brocade Crops?  I'm IN.

What do you like best?


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