January 19, 2013

Reader Request: Striped Sweeper Skirt from The Limited

Thanks to our reader Maryam, we found this boldly striped maxi skirt on sale during The Limited's 40% off sale this weekend.

We love the sweeping floor-length skirt and the contrast of crimson and navy.  It's the perfect skirt to add to your closet for that winter to spring transition (it's closer than it feels, I promise!)  And remember, everything at The Limited is on sale for 40% - this includes regularly priced and sale items.  This skirt, at the markdown price, will come in around $48!

We've found a few additional items for you to figure out how you'd like to wear it.  Personally, I love the tough, rocker appeal of the peplum top - a great edge on a feminine look!

FAVORITE FIND: Cassidy Slim Tuxedo Pants from The Limited

Featured in the the November 2012 People Style Watch, these tuxedo pants play on a big fall and winter 2012 fashion trend.  Skinny pants are great for Muslim women wardrobes as they enable us to wear the larger, oversized tops (tunics, chunky sweaters, and other loose and flowing tops) without overtaking our bodies and still maintain demure and modest style.

These are on sale in store and online using the code SAVE40 for an additional 40% off this weekend!

Need ideas on how to style skinny pants and still maintain Islamic dress?  Here are our ideas.

FAVORITE FIND: Classic Cardigan from The Limited

Cardigans - the "goes with anything" closet staple - which make a Muslim's women closet complete.  Here are a few tunic-length cardigans on sale at The Limited this weekend.  Shop in store or online with code SAVE40 for an extra 40% off!

Check out our post on The Limited pants for the perfect professional office look!

FAVORITE FIND: Professional Dress Pants from The Limited

As a Muslim woman who works at a top tier consultancy, what I love about The Limited pants is their relaxed fit professional dress pants which never cling, never unnecessarily outline, and have a clean, polished look.

A number of Muslim women are graduating from college this year and may heading in to interviews, or maybe you're one of those women just looking for a job change, OR you might have a job you love but need to refresh your wardrobe.  The Limited has the pants to give you the cleanest, modest look you're looking to achieve.  Here are a few on sale this weekend, in store and online using code SAVE 40, for an additional 40% off.

FAVORITE FIND: Ombre-Draped Cardigan from The Limited

Hoping to find a wallet-friendly option for the western sweater look?


Score this western sunset inspired sweater at The Limited this weekend.  Yes, it's not quite the same but a close second and meets the criteria for many of our Muslim readers for hem length and draped coverage!

FAVORITE FIND: Bow Graphic Cardigan from The Limited

Looking to inject a little Zooey Deschanel style in to your modest Muslim wardrobe?  These graphic cardigans, with stitched in bows, are sure to show up in her closet.

Shop in-store or online with code SAVE40 this weekend for an additional 40% off the price!

FAVORITE FIND: Mixed-Stitch Poncho from The Limited

We love the cozy warmth of this oversized poncho to complete the look we mentioned in our blog post "Winter Wonderland."  Shop in store or online using code SAVE40 for an extra 40% off the sale price!

Oversized sweaters with wide leg pants - easy Muslim women style and fashion!

January 16, 2013

Work It Girls

Readers, you make me happy.

One of the top traffic sources leading you to us this week is "Muslim women workout clothes".  This means, in addition to fulfilling your new year's resolutions, that Muslim women aren't letting the industry-standard fitted workout clothing stand in their way.  One of the goals of Greater Lengths is to raise the voices of American Muslim women to the fitness apparel industry and make them aware that we want to be their consumers, they just need to give a little (literally...seams don't need to be that tight!).

Muslim women out there, like our friend Zainab Ismail, founder of Nadoona Fitness who we met at the 2012 ISNA Conference, encourage active living and exercise with modest dress.  Check her out - squatting and rowing 150 lbs! (Follow her on Instagram and find Nadoona on Facebook!)

I can also relate as a Muslim woman (and semi-fitness fanatic [I confessed to it already]) to the challenge of finding modest fitness apparel and being appropriately covered when I exercise.  I succeed here and there, as you can see. (In some honesty, I did want to post the picture of my abs!)

Looking to accomplish your own fitness and exercise goals?  There can be some obstacles in the way but certainly don't let modest clothing be one of them.  We've again culled some options for you as you make your way to the gym and live that healthy life!

These tops all have longer hemlines or are loose-fitting.  Layer them (especially in this cold!) to achieve the proper amount of coverage for you.

Modest dress pants