March 23, 2012

An Evening to Remember - Proper Toppers

As Muslim women, we go to great lengths to ensure the propriety of our dress, especially that clothing not intended for Islamic modesty, like evening gowns.  Cardigans and tops do provide some coverage, however, the lines and loveliness of a beautiful gown can be lost if topped by a frumpy, unmatched cover up.  Below is a compilation of options for a proper topper to ensure that not only does your evening gown meet you Islamic lifestyle and dress, but that you are entirely the bell of the ball in wearing it.

An Evening to Remember - Spring-toned Gowns

Spring is in the air, and we find inspiration from the colors popping up around us -strawberry-hued day lilies brightening our day, golden daffodils waving hello, and purple hyacinths spreading their joy.  These modestly-priced gowns will hopefully find a place in your closet for those outdoor spring and summer soirees.  Long on length, they are perfect for that chic, Muslim woman.  See our post on tops for options on how to cover up the revealing necklines.

While this gown is a bit out of the price range, it's fun to look at:

But we think your wallet will like these a bit more.

March 20, 2012

An Evening to Remember - Printed Gowns

While it's nice to wow with solid colors and shimmery sequins, sometimes you need a good print.  Here are some options for a little razzle dazzle to stick out from the crowd of uni-colored dresses.  All priced under $130, they're sure to add some glamour without breaking the bank.

Remember to check out the rest of our series on evening gowns here and here.

March 19, 2012

An Evening to Remember - Strapless Gowns

I get to look forward to many things this year, but among the best are two weddings in which I have the honor of being a bridesmaid. People often share war stories of serving as a bridesmaid, but it's something I truly enjoy. Dote on someone I love for an entire day or more?? Yes, please! In my search for an Islamically appropriate dress, I came across this BCBG gown that I would pay the arm and leg I can't spare to own.

Unfortunately, I am not independently wealthy (at least not yet), and should not be considering a $348 dress.  These dresses below are a bit more wallet friendly with a wow factor all their own.

Don't forget to check out our previous posts on evening gowns here.

Reader Request: Opaque Leggings

A reader recently asked us to post about opaque tights, and a timely request indeed.  Colorblocking is the new black, and has hit the streets of DC with a vengeance.  We've seen lots of great examples of saturated color, though the catch comes that the little minis - skirts, shorts - that usually associate themselves with the style are out of the Muslim element.

Instead, we paired a mid-ballet skirt (tulle and all) with a few bolds to copy the look and still get in our opaque tights plus color-blocking.  Triple win!

Asos skirt: $16.11
Tights: $10 - $16 (Bloomingdales and Topshop
Tops: $19.99 - $19.99 (Madewell and Lucky)

Another way to go is the ever-present hi-low skirt.

Finally, feeling prints?

March 18, 2012

An Evening to Remember - Shimmery Dresses

A friend of mine recently posted a photo of herself and her husband on a red carpet.  She had beautifully matched a printed full-length, full-skirt maxi dress with a leather jacket and black chiffon hijab.  Effortlessly chic and stunningly regal at the same time.

In honor of her red-carpet appearance, and the need for every Muslim woman to own at least one sparkling gown, we encourage everyone to think about what their closet needs as their "go-to" for their party-dress - for weddings, for work parties, or if you find yourself on one, the red-carpet.

Of the ones I'd pick, this is my first-choice: The Evening of Effervecence Dress, available for $94.90 at ModCloth.  Those waves create a softness and movement to the dress without losing interest.

Compiled are a few others, just as soft and pretty, with a little detail for your personal style.

March 13, 2012

FAVORITE FIND: Floral Koi Carp Print Maxi Dress from Dorothy Perkins

It's hard not to want to trade out all your woolen pants and heavy sweaters for light, airy cloths and fluttery designs at the first blush of spring, so we won't try.

This Multi koi carp print maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins is a unique twist on the bird-print fashion that is in style.  At only $57, it's a great dress and comfortably covers up all your lady-parts with a pairing of either a sunny yellow cardigan ($24, Kohls) or pool blue ballet wrap top ($28, Old Navy).

Click on any of the images below to be taken to the retailer site for size and availability.

March 11, 2012

Sunday Night Sale at Piperlime

It's no secret that Piperlime is a favorite of this blogger.  Naturally, when it came time to procrastinate from preparing for a final tomorrow, it's where I went to check out the latest sales (and to see if I wanted to treat myself to a birthday present).

Here are some favorite finds.  Need inspiration on how to style these items?  Check out a few of these recent blog posts.

1.  Remix - Cameron Diaz Casual (for skinnies, boots, and cropped sweaters)
2.  Flowy skirts and cropped tops
3.  Sequins and jeans
4.  Dressing up those neutrals (for layering tanks with sweaters and tops)

Click on the images to be taken to Piperlime's site for size and availability.

Combine these with our recent foundations to make them an easier wear for Muslim women.

Sequins for a little spring pizzazz!

Why wear pants when you can wear a dress?

For everything else!

A wide world of options

Time and time again, this look has been coveted by the likes across Pinterest (myself included) for the effortless chic look.


The wide leg pant is coming back, and made multiple appearances at various Fashion Weeks over the past few months.  The added bonus is that the wide and loose look is perfect for the average Muslim woman's style, creating a fashion forward outfit for a casual evening catching up with a friend or, with a bit more tailoring, an office look.


Following that trend, check out a few of these finds.  I personally like a printed top with a pair of wide legs, though click on the items below to be taken to your wide world of retail options (all under $50!).