February 24, 2012

Spring Midi-Dresses!

Ever wish you could carry those midi dress + tall boot looks over from winter to spring without looking so...well, warm?  Oftentimes it's tough to do, given the cold-weather vibe that boots tend to give off.  So what to do when the spirit of the season calls you down the calf-bearing spring dress isle?  Well, we've put together some looks that can hopefully bridge the seasonal gap and allow you sport those moderate-weather dresses when it really counts - in moderate weather!

Adventures in dress-up have taught me that the key to spring dresses with tall boots is to pair bright, effervescent colors in airy fabrics with boots in subtle hues and playful styles.  Hope you like...

Recommended footwear: try these chic ruched over the knee boots or this casual cowboyish pair, both in gray.  Or this ruched pair in brown which dresses the outfit either up or down.

Here's an even springier spread.  If you dare to go with the peach wrap top, I'd lose the green belt and sport something more like this skinny brown one or this wide brown one, and these pale blush colored boots.  Otherwise, I'd go with something like these gray skinny or broad belts with the following gray boots:  gray high heels, or gray flats.

And last but not least, this 3/4 length sleeve dress in royal blue.  Wear with any of the boots suggested above, or these skyscrapers in gray.  Top the outfit off in stripes for an electric look.

February 21, 2012

Wanna Dress to Impress?

Not much to do to this one folks.  Throw on a slip, slap on a belt, grab a great bag, and out the door with you.  Hurry though, only a size or two left and going fast.  I might snag one myself and wait for that cold day in hel(sinki) when I'm a 6 again.

February 18, 2012

FAVORITE FINDS: Everything at H&M!

H&M is blasting out their winter clothes to make way for new spring styles and Muslim women are the winners in that race. Head on down to your local H&M to pick up last season's now outcast tunics and long sweaters.  The majority of the items below were buy-1-get-1 free - and this sale applies to the sales racks.

 Many of these items can be remixed and styled for great spring and summer looks.  With some creative layering, one of the items below may show up as the outfit I wear to a friend's wedding rehearsal dinner in September!

In a rich, jewel-toned mauve, this dress I envisioned paired with a toned-down brown blazer and my trusted Franco Sarto boots (with leggings, of course).

This great color-blocked tunic sweater was marked down to $15, with a  buy-1-get-1 free offer.  I bought two - one for me, and one for my mom.  This is one of those great items that goes with ANYTHING, including my favorite dark jeans.  

Stripes are really in these days, as is evidenced by New York's Fashion Week from the previous few days.  This great, full-coverage sweater only range up at $14.95!  I like the mix of stripe-frequency - it gives it a nice flow when pairing it with a pair of colored skinny jeans and neutral boots (I own these in gray suede!).  If you chose to go with a regular pair of jeans, I think a bright belt would give it some pop.

A few things were great reminders of the change in season ahead, with silky fabrics and airy prints.  These dresses were all priced at $34.95, and I anticipate them going on sale soon.  

These two tunic button down tops came with quality belts.  They were priced at $24.95 and again show the seasonal trend of bird print and navy blue.  Pair them both with the blazer, currently being offered for $19.95.  The neutral tone will pair well with the colors we'll soon be seeing as more spring arrivals flood stores.

If you remember, I'm a huge fan of sequins.  This dress was on sale for $17.95 (a steal for anything with sequins!) and came in a fashion-forward print.  While it might look a little daring with the colors and design combo, toned down leggings (as shown) will compensate for the top.

These two dresses remind me of Kate Middleton's style.  With the arrival of the navy-and-yellow trend color combination, I am lusting after the navy dress below - which I think would look great in the office for a work outfit.  All you need is a pair of gray pants to round it out! (I like these from Bluefly for their quality and price)

Lace is making it's way to the racks, slowly but surely.  This shift dress had a great mod look to it, and a wonderful hemline.  Because it's white, adding a cardigan or with a bright hijab would give it a great splash of color.  It was priced at $34.95 (and knowing how H&M runs, it will likely be on sale soon!

I got this dress (and another one for which I have yet to take a photo) at no cost as part of the  buy-1-get-1 free sale.  With a black long-sleeved tee underneath, my favorite (and only) skinny jeans or black dress pants and some flats, I'll be sporting this in the office and socially.

Clothes to make you move!

As a Muslim woman, there is simply no need to sacrifice quality and performance for coverage.  Athleta, a great site offered through Banana Republic, recognizes this and carries many items for women who wish to maintain modesty and style all while maintaining their physical fitness.

If you are looking forward to a year of increased exercise (come on ladies, exercise is not just for looks anymore!  There are so many great benefits to working out!), check out a few of these tops and pants for some outfits that will make you want to pump it up!

Tunic-style workout tops
This Shiva top is available for $39.99 and comes in 2 additional colors.

This tunic top is only $29.99 and comes in 2 colors.

The Santi top is available in three styles.  The heather collection is priced at $29.99 and comes in 3 additional colors.

This version of the Santi top is $24.99 and comes in two printed colors.

The Shiva tee is priced a bit higher at $42, but comes in 2 colors at a longer hemline.
The long sleeve Bolt Top is happily priced at $24.49 and comes in 6 colors, offering style and coverage!
Wait a few weeks and this $68 pullover, moisture-wicking tunic top will be on sale!
The pullover top is available for$39.99 and comes in 4 vibrant colors!

These baselayers below are great for layering under shorter tops or over a sheer long-sleeve.  They all offer breathable, moisture-wicking properties for some performance gear!

Tunic-length baselayers
This moisture wicking tee comes in 3 colors for only $14.99!
The printed Victory top is priced at $29.99 and has another, non-printed version for $24.99

This top has wicking properties for a great performance tee and is priced at $14.99!

The Shiva tank top retails at $38 in 5 colors.


For a few pants to pair with those tops, look no farther than these great deals!

Loose-fitting workout pants
These great moisture-transfer pants are available for $24.99 in 3 colors.

These terry-cloth pants are specially formulated to wick sweat away from the skin.  They come in 3 colors for $49.99 each.

These pants offer a flared leg and come in 2 colors for a comfortable, sweat-free workout for only $34.99.

On a side note, this oatmeal-colored sweater dress is on sale for $39.99 (additional colors range between $89.99 - $138)

Or check out this skirt for $49.99 in 4 different colors (and tons of comfort!