December 2, 2012

The Winter Slouch

I've gotten to the point of late fall/early winter where it's getting too cold to care.  Tired am I of fitted, colorful items.  Layers are coming on and the bulk is building up.  I want to dress quickly and warmly, burrow my head down, and make it to spring.

But obviously, I want to look like a well-dressed version of a hibernating bear.  If possible, I'd look like Edie Blair from Atlantic-Pacific on every one of my grocery runs.

Burrowing from the winter yourself?  We've styled a few options to achieve this modest Muslim casual style for those days you just don't want to try.

Click on any of the items below to be taken to the retailer.  Also check out additional options in our previous posts on warm, oversized, slouchy, cable-knit, tunic sweaters.

Winter reds

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