December 13, 2012

At first I was like, No thanks, but now I'm all, Yes please


If you'd asked me about wearing it a year ago, I would have responded with, "why would I want to look like an upholstered couch?" but lately, I've been thinking, "That couch would make one cute pair of pants!"

I have converted, for no other reason than damn, it's stylish.  It's so retro and mod yet so fashion forward and modern.  It's also a classic fall and winter texture, one that makes this ever-so-blah season sparkle with a little bit of depth.

While lots of jacquard items come in the form of short cocktail dresses that us Muslim women generally don't wear, many great other pieces exist for us hemline-aware ladies (one such is that ridiculously priced and ridiculously awesome pair of jacquard J.Crew pants above).  Check out our modest, Islamically-appropriate, Muslim fashion forward picks below.

Style these pants with a shift dress, or something with a similarly square shape, for that ultimate Mad Men inspired look.

Pair these tops with your favorite wide-leg trousers (in wool!) for the ultimate winter, Muslim women style!

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