October 29, 2012

Uncolorblocking with Polka Dots and Stripes

Colorblocking seems to be all the rage these days and I will be the first to say that it makes styling an outfit easy, but sometimes you just yearn for a pattern or print or design.

Via The Sartorialist
What I like best about working in stripes and dots is that they are timeless.  When have they ever gone out of style?  Never?  And for a Muslim wardrobe, modest in style and modest in budget, it's nice to have pieces that carry forward.

Wondering what to mix in with all your color-blocked basics?  Any of these stripes or polka dots or spotted tops and shirtdresses and dresses acting as tops will do!  Like the women in photos 1 and 2, add a belt to add a border, or let it all hang out as Keiko Lynn does in her oversized sweater style.

Polka dots and spots

And a few striped tops we found on ZARA

1.  ZARA Striped Sweater, $25.90
2.  ZARA Striped Sweater, $35.90
3.  ZARA Striped T-Shirt, $29.90
4.  ZARA Striped Moss Stitch Sweater, $16.99


saman said...

love polka dots and stripes!Thanks for some inspiration

Farrah Khan said...

Thanks Saman!