October 2, 2012

Modest Marvel: Always a Bridesmaid

Do you all remember when I said I was walking down the aisle, not once but TWICE, this September?  Well it happened.

No, I'm not married...but two of my dearest friends are!  Congratulations to Caroline (Chin) Goldwater and Katie (Sheehan) Sears, in whose picture-perfect weddings I happily took part in.  To their credit, they both have excellent taste in style and color, as both my dresses were flattering colors in shape and color (of utmost importance if you find yourself a bridesmaid).

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To their credit, they were both great in allowing me to experiment with options to "modest-ify" my dresses.

The aqua blue dress is an Eden Bridal dress, style 7314, with a silver lurex bolero from Dorothy Perkins.  The sage green dress is from After Six 6586 with an eyelash lace top from Forever 21.  Theoretically, bridesmaids dresses are only worn on the day of the wedding, but I love these dresses and their modest modifications enough to wear them in the future.

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