October 18, 2012

FAVORITE FIND: Women's Belted Chiffon Shirtdress at Old Navy

Excited about the Staring at Stars Chiffon Button Down shirt at Urban Outfitters, I hit the mall post haste after work today in an effort to snag one for myself.

Alas, it was not to be as they were nowhere to be found (let us know if you have luck finding one at your local Urban Outfitters!), so I wandered into the nearby Old Navy and found this little beauty.

Belted Chiffon Shirtdress at Old Navy - $30

While the picture doesn't do it justice (sorry, it was shot on my camera phone!), it's a beautiful deep maroon hue (termed "plum" by Old Navy).  The material is a silky feeling chiffon with a lining to prevent any accidental see-through.  It's perfect for a fall top, contrasting beautifully with the the golds and oranges prevalent on the east coast, or setting the mood for those farther west.  Style it as a tunic top, with your favorite jeans, or pair it with a blazer for a more polished look.

I love it for the easy transition between casual and work and for the longer hemline!  Falling about mid-thigh on this Muslim girl, I've got my eye on this for my next shopping trip - an awesome boost for a modest wardrobe and style!

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