October 22, 2012

FAVORITE FIND: Gathered Grace Cardigan at Anthropologie

Any of you out there Anthropologie fans?  Don't be shy, we know we all are.  We're all thinking the same thing, "yes, fan of them...but not their prices".  Today could be your day though.  They are offering an additional 25% off on all sale items and this is one piece which meets the style + fashion + price + modesty formula Greater Lengths operates on.

This Gathered Grace (and sister, Swelling Tide) cardigan from Anthropologie is a blend of charm and cuteness, flair and style, and most importantly - a(n asymmetric) rear-covering hem.  What won't this add some life to?  At only $30 (after the sale price plus extra discount)!  Don't hold back!

And just a few extras we found!  Remember, at 25% off today, these will be less than $35!

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