October 22, 2012

FAVORITE FIND: Blush Accessories Tee-Shirt Extender at Target

Holy smokes, you guys.  This is it.  This is what has been lacking from my life.  A t-shirt extender!!

As a self-proclaimed t-shirt junkie (I counted once, a few years ago, and my array of t-shirts was numbering in the 60s) and a tall-ish Muslim woman, finding t-shirts that fit past the waist without having to resort to larger sizes is near impossible.  You have to either commit to looking like you are swimming in cotton cloth or settle for the size that fits and hope that you can make it work by layering over something longer.

So low and behold, I present to you the Blush Accessories Tee-Shirt Extender, available at all Target stores for under $12!

It acts as a hemline lengthener - adding the few crucial inches beyond the t-shirt to make it beyond-boyfriend length.  It comes in two colors - brown and white - though you may get lucky at your local Target and see it in more colors than that!

Since I lived in t-shirts in college, I would have loved this as a young Muslim college woman.  Raising my hand in class would have been much more comfortable (no accidental belly or lower back flash!).  Plus, the tee-shirt extender gives you the look of double-layered t-shirts, which was a cute style too.

Inexpensive modesty! Who doesn't love it?

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