October 26, 2012

Farrah's Piperlime Splurges (at 20% off!)

Eid Mubarak ladies!

Earlier in the week, while getting a much needed few days off between class terms, I was up late (like LATE), online browsing for new clothes.  As a reward for finishing up three classes this week and as an early Eid present to myself, I made a few purchases.  While there a number of things I wanted, I stayed within budget and purchased only two items.

Take a few guesses as to what you think those items are.  Listed below are all the things I was looking at, and if you've been following, you may be able to pick out at least one of the two items I bought.  I'm pretty excited about getting this items as they'll do a great summer-to-fall transition AND are easily modifiable to be modest fashion for this Muslim woman.

I'll reveal the purchases when I have them in hand (in just another day or two, insha'Allah!).

Piperlime tops/blazers/sweaters

Piperlime bottoms/shirtdresses/dresses

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