October 23, 2012

Celebrating Eid in College

I did not exit college with many regrets.  Yes, it would have been nice to study abroad.  There are also a few semesters for which I'd like to hit a giant restart button.  The one that plagues me most is that I don't recall celebrating Eid al-Adha...or even Eid al-Fitr...while in school.

I have no other reason than I didn't make it priority.  Granted, I was in school and there were classes and finals to attend, but in looking back, it would have been nice to do something - wear a new shirt, have an extra piece of cake, skip a class to go to the local masjid for Eid namaz/salaat/prayer (choose your term).  Something to mark what is in Islamic calendar a momentous few days.

So to all college Muslim female students out there (especially those who may not be able to break away from school):  make it a point to live it up this upcoming Eid al-Adha.  En route to your morning class, take the time to dress nicely (as is sunnah) and remember the day is more than just about getting through it.  No need for a grand gesture, but break out a sparkly belt or a pretty dress you are saving for a special occasion and proudly celebrate Eid!

Need a few ideas on how to revive that outfit?

A shimmery tunic with gold bead work from Rock and Republic, available at Kohl's for $19.50, paired with a toned out gray ballet wrap from Target , and classic black dress pants add a blare of color to an otherwise muted outfit.

Add some sparkly to a neutral-toned outfit!  Pair this Mossimo maxi from Target for $29.99, knit cardigan from Old Navy for $18, and chevron sequin-striped tank from Delias for $19.50 for a "did I just see that?" double-take.

Don't be shy to go all out with a gold-sequined tank peeking out from a coordinated cardigan.  This tank is available at Forever 21 for only $12.40, and the cardigan is a staple buy from your local Old Navy (for only $18!)

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