September 1, 2012

Modest Marvels

Hey Greater Lengths readers! While we’ve been working hard to find you those best of both world, fashionable AND modest, pieces for all you best of both world girls, we realize that many of you are high caliber fashionistas of your own. We think we could learn a thing or two from you. So show us what you’re made of! Greater Lengths is requesting submissions for your Modest Marvel - that seemingly impossible item of clothing you managed to modstify (modest + modify, get it?) into coverage perfection. Whether it be a top, a dress, pants or even a halloween costume - we know you creative geniuses are out there. Reveal yourselves!

In the meantime, we'll get it kicked off here with Modest Marvels from ISNA.  Naima and I are scouting out fashionably-dressed modestly-styled Muslim women floating around the convention.  Want to volunteer be a Modest Marvel?  Find us as ISNA!   Here's what we look like:

Find us at ISNA again tomorrow, Sunday, September 2.  Looking forward to all our fashionable new friends!

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