September 4, 2012

Modest Marvels: Fatima Hussain & Arishaa Khan (ISNA day 2)

These fashionable friends caught my eye on the way to the bazaar, allowing me to bring you our first two-for-one Modest Marvel post.

Fatima's got layering down to an art.  Cardigan, flouncy top, and even home-made earrings, she brings all of her lengthening pieces together in a bright and airy look, with color pops in all the right places.  

Tell us About Yourself:  "I'm a recent college graduate from Indianapolis.  I love crafts and jewelry making."
Tell us About Your Style:  I look for unique items when I shop, things I don't see everyone else wearing.  I'd say my style is random - I like all kinds of looks."
What Makes the Outfit?  "The person makes the outfit!"
If you had a no-limit gift card to any store or brand, what would it be?  "TJ Maxx"

I loved Arishaa's confident and colorful personality, especially how clearly it shined through her outfit - a beautiful palette of neutral and bright hues worn with a great sense of balance.  Just goes to show that great style starts in the heart of girl sporting it.

Tell us About Yourself: "I'm a recent college grad as well, working as a Development Assistant for ISNA."
Tell us About Your Style: "I like to make outfits pop with accessories.  I'm not sure how I'd describe my style...I feel like shopping is most successful when it's spontaneous and you've got nothing particular in mind."  I say she's classic hippy chic!
What Makes the Outfit?  "The attitude makes the outfit."  We noticed :)
If you had a no-limit gift card to any store or brand, what would it be?  "H&M"

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