September 2, 2012

Modest Marvel: Sidiane Smajlovic (ISNA, Day 1)

Our Modest Marvel, Sidiane Smajlovic, is an inspiration to us as a recent convert who is thriving as a modestly-dressed Muslim woman!

Name:  Sidiane Smajlovic
Background:  Sidiane converted to Islam in January, after learning more about Islam from various videos, posts, and articles.  Masha'Allah!
What we love about her style:  Simiane had nicely paired a trendy, Zara tunic dress in neutral colors with casual jeans - a style that anyone loves!
Fill in the blank:  The top makes the outfit.
About her style:  Sidiane herself stated she does not follow fashion as much as she follows what she likes - generally eclectic pieces that are one-of-a-kind.
About her:  Sidiane is originally from Brazil but came to the US to travel and learn English five years ago, remaining here after meeting her husband.  Now currently residing in Chicago, Sidiane is still new to Islam as a recent convert and came to ISNA to increase her Islamic knowledge.  "It has such a cool atmosphere!", she said with her big, bright smile.
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