September 4, 2012

Modest Marvel: Runna Othman (ISNA day 2)

This girl's got guts.  Various cuts and multiple colors makes Runna a risk-taker for sure, but she totally pulled it off.  I loved the over-sized sweater on skinnies - I would've totally missed the potential of the cardigan had I come across it myself - Runna here learned me some.  Honestly I can't even explain how this outfit works, it just does!  I think my favorite part is the neutral bag and shoes, genius move for a color-rich look.

Tell us About Yourself: "I'm a senior in Business Management at DePaul University."
Tell us About Your Style: "I'm drawn to colors, patterned hijabs and long cardigans.  I like a mix of a trendy and classic look."
What Makes the Outfit?  "The top makes the outfit."
If you had a no-limit gift to any store or brand of your choice, what would it be? "Nordstroms"

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