September 1, 2012

Modest Marvel: Noor Tagouri (ISNA, Day 1)

I spotted Noor out of the corner of my eye.  She was there promoting her friend's (Marwa Atik) line, Vela Scarves, and the beautiful color combination and texture of her outfit was impossible to turn away from.

Name: Noor Tagouri
Background: Noor is currently a student at the University of Maryland, earning a degree in Journalism, but also works for WPGC 95.5 in Washington, D.C and is a poet.
What we love about her style:  Her unmistakenly amazing pants, with the pleats and movement, and clean colors of her scarf caught our eyes, making it impossible to turn away.  Her top is from Zara and her pants are from Egypt, a gift from her grandmother.  Her scarf is a Vela scarf, for which she was helping promote for a friend.
Favorite pieces:  "Vela scarves and boots in the fall."
About her style:  Very bohemian and vintage, she's frequents Urban Outfitters.
What are you looking to achieve in an outfit?:  "I tend to dress in business attire and very professionally."
About her: Noor aspires to be the first Muslim-American broadcaster on American television.
Her no-limit gift card would be for: Zara and BCBG

*Update 09/02: Loved her look?  Check out how to Snag Her Style with similar pieces we found for your shopping convenience!

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