September 1, 2012

Modest Marvel: Marie Turcotte (ISNA, Day 1)

Marie was hanging out with not one but TWO strollers before we approached her.  It's amazing she looked this put-together while taking care of so many kids!

Name: Marie Turcotte
Background:  It's no wonder that we loved Marie's stripes and white pants look - she was previously a fashion buyer all over China before becoming a childcare provider.
What we love about her style:  We can't help but love a great pair of white pants!
Favorite pieces:  She loves tops, but has a weakness for shoes and bags.
About her style: Casual chic - in between trendy and relaxed
About her:  Marie is from Canada but currently lives in Dubai, a cousin to another fashion friend of ours - Seema at Modern Mary
Her no-limit gift card:  Bloomingdales

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