September 2, 2012

Modest Marvel: Dima Zohny (ISNA, Day 1)

As a mom, it's easy to make style your last priority but this super-mom was masha'Allah watching a gaggle of kids while tearing up the runway at ISNA!

Name: Dima Zohny
Background:  Currently living in New York, she's a homemaker with two beautiful daughters, masha'Allah!
What we love about her style:  The little touches - the ruffles of her blouse, the daring snakeskin print, the way her cardigan offset the colors in her blouse, and the belt that brought it all together.
Favorite pieces:  Shrugs and cardigans.  'They just bring the outfit together."
About her style:  She recently swore off everything but long skirts and has been loving every minute of a pants-free life!  She bought her skirt from, Zeena, a modest clothing shop catering to Muslim women, which is currently holding a 40% off everything sale!
No-limit gift card:  Joyce Leslie or Forever 21


Anonymous said...

Lovvvve the top!!

Farrah said...

It's a great one to pick! Definitely lots of fun!

Dima said...

Thanks, got to love ny&company!

Dima said...

Thanks, got to love ny&company

Farrah said...

NY&Co always has great tops at moderate prices!

Saman said...

Wow stylish momma! I wish i was that creative!

Naima said...

We agree :)