September 12, 2012

Fall Favorites from H&M

Last Thursday, I departed for the Outer Banks for a friend's wedding (btw, the wedding was fantastic, my friend looked STUNNING [not surprisingly], and every detail was amazing) on a friendly, late summer's day.  I returned to Virginia to crisp air and the glorious announcement of fall's arrival.

Along with the arrival of fall are new fashions in store.  H&M is a Muslim girl's best friend (usually) when it comes to modest style and modest prices.  We've found a few of our favorite pairings for you!

Mustard and blue, blazers and stripes - some of our most favorite combos here at Greater Lengths.

Modest fall career wear from H&M!  Wide legs with the black and white dress.  Add a foundation piece (whichever sleeve length you are comfortable wearing!) and march proudly, yet modestly dressed, in to your next meeting.

You'll be seeing a lot more fuschias and maroons this fall, and we've already seen the printed pant make their way into our wardrobe staple.  Two ways we recommend wearing these - matchy matchy or with a bold contrasting hue.
H&M printed cropped pants, $17.95

A bold turquoise blue with printed pants for a stronger statement (and those wishing to hang on to summer just a little longer with the bright colors).
H&M lace dress, $29.95 H&M printed cropped pants, $17.95

Showdown of the Career v. Cute Shirt

Let's just kick this off with reiterating how much I love sequins.  And how much I love H&M.  And if I haven't said it already, how I love fall.

Now that that's settled, I want this SO badly.  There is an H&M near my campus and sometimes I stop there if I have extra time prior to class, but tomorrow I am scheduled for a pre-class career appointment.  Going to the appointment would prevent me from purchasing this shirt tomorrow.

Career appointment v. cute shirt.  What will win?  What SHOULD win?

H&M sequin top, $9.95

September 7, 2012

Snag Her Style! - Modest Marvel Kendra Jeelani

We took a page from Modest Marvel Kendra Jeelani's style book and found some great pleated maxi dresses, just for you!  Small disclaimer - a lot of these maxi's have cropped linings (coverage underneath shear fabrics is limited to mid-thigh or knees) so beware before you buy!

...In solids

...In prints

...And some hot cut-outs

September 4, 2012

Modest Marvel: Runna Othman (ISNA day 2)

This girl's got guts.  Various cuts and multiple colors makes Runna a risk-taker for sure, but she totally pulled it off.  I loved the over-sized sweater on skinnies - I would've totally missed the potential of the cardigan had I come across it myself - Runna here learned me some.  Honestly I can't even explain how this outfit works, it just does!  I think my favorite part is the neutral bag and shoes, genius move for a color-rich look.

Tell us About Yourself: "I'm a senior in Business Management at DePaul University."
Tell us About Your Style: "I'm drawn to colors, patterned hijabs and long cardigans.  I like a mix of a trendy and classic look."
What Makes the Outfit?  "The top makes the outfit."
If you had a no-limit gift to any store or brand of your choice, what would it be? "Nordstroms"

Modest Marvel: Kendra Jeelani (ISNA day 2)

So I found this gem browsing the racks of a shalwar-kameez vendor, looking to add some bling to her wardrobe.  I love the unique way she styled her hijab, creatively coordinating it with today's trend toward pleats.

Tell us About Yourself: "I'm a senior in Supply Chain Management at Tuskegee University in Alabama.  My husband is Indian and I like to mix our cultures through fashion."
Tell us About Your Style: "I love loud colors and earth tones, and pairing shalwar kameez tops with jeans or pants.  Sometimes I layer two different scarves to style my hijab, like the bun I'm wearing now.  I love trying different hijab styles - Indian, African."
What Makes the Outfit: "The hijab makes the outfit"
If you had a no-limit gift card to the store or brand of your choice, what would it be? "H&M"

Modest Marvel: Rahma Iqbal (ISNA day 2)

Our next modest Modest Marvel floored me with her age.  She's in 7th grade!! Talk about starting early when it comes to fashion.  And by the looks of it, she's a child prodigy!  I loved her use of a long top (shout out to Simply Zeena, where she got it) as the centerpiece of her ensemble, coordinating the rest of her outfit from there.

Tell us About Yourself: "I'm a 7th grader from Genesee Academy in Flint, Michigan and I like to shop online."
Tell us About Your Style:  "I don't think I pay too much attention to trends, I just try to find different pieces that I like and put them all together."
What Makes the Outfit? "The top makes the outfit."
If you had a no-limit gift card to any store or brand, what would it be?  "Forever 21."

Modest Marvels: Fatima Hussain & Arishaa Khan (ISNA day 2)

These fashionable friends caught my eye on the way to the bazaar, allowing me to bring you our first two-for-one Modest Marvel post.

Fatima's got layering down to an art.  Cardigan, flouncy top, and even home-made earrings, she brings all of her lengthening pieces together in a bright and airy look, with color pops in all the right places.  

Tell us About Yourself:  "I'm a recent college graduate from Indianapolis.  I love crafts and jewelry making."
Tell us About Your Style:  I look for unique items when I shop, things I don't see everyone else wearing.  I'd say my style is random - I like all kinds of looks."
What Makes the Outfit?  "The person makes the outfit!"
If you had a no-limit gift card to any store or brand, what would it be?  "TJ Maxx"

I loved Arishaa's confident and colorful personality, especially how clearly it shined through her outfit - a beautiful palette of neutral and bright hues worn with a great sense of balance.  Just goes to show that great style starts in the heart of girl sporting it.

Tell us About Yourself: "I'm a recent college grad as well, working as a Development Assistant for ISNA."
Tell us About Your Style: "I like to make outfits pop with accessories.  I'm not sure how I'd describe my style...I feel like shopping is most successful when it's spontaneous and you've got nothing particular in mind."  I say she's classic hippy chic!
What Makes the Outfit?  "The attitude makes the outfit."  We noticed :)
If you had a no-limit gift card to any store or brand, what would it be?  "H&M"

Modest Marvel: Amearah Elsamadicy (ISNA Day 2)

ISNA day 2 Modest Marvels are coming your way starting with Amearah Elsamadicy.  Why do we love her style?  The flawless union of diverse colors.  Though she had me at the magenta wedges (Target).

This jet-setter is a Columbia University grad student in Education (yes, pretty AND smart) originally from Alabama.  Her passion for education has taken her to the Middle East and all over America.  Amearah says shopping for modest and fashionable clothing was a little tough at first, but her talent in ensemble building turned it into fun.  She says she gravitates towards a business casual look - with a little bit of bohemian in between.

What's Your Name?  "Amearah Elsamadicy"
What makes the outfit?  "The shoes."  (My kinda girl!)
If you had a no-limit gift card to the store or brand of your choice, what would it be? "NY&Co and Zara"

September 3, 2012

The Ultimate Clean Machine

A blazer.  It's the ultimate clean-up item and we heard multiple times, from many people at  at this weekend's ISNA in Washington, D.C., that a blazer is a modest Muslim's best friend.  A blazer applies to any and all age groups.  From a college girl's casual fall afternoon on the Quad with friends to a working woman's go-to for a big meeting to a Muslim woman's wardrobe staple for a maxi dress.

Wide Leg Khakis and Blue Blazer

Feeling schlumpy?  Blazer it?
Want to make an impression?  Blazer it.
Need to add some sharpness to an otherwise saggy outfit?  Blazer it.

Like our friend above, I plan on pairing mine with some wide-leg trousers or dark trouser denim pants, a colorful shirt dress, and fitted blazer.

We found a few blazers that will fit that modest Muslim's style and budget.  Most of them are available at your local mall, though you may have to order out for a few of the Piperlime blazers.

Snag Her Style! - Modest Marvel Essra Azim

Remember how we chased down Essra Azim at the ISNA bazaar?  Who wouldn't after seeing what she wore?

Snag her style with a few similar-but-not-the-same items we found for that modest Muslim polished look.  Mix and match with our style finds below!

Snag her style! - Modest Marvel Urooj Shakeel

Classic, chic, and timeless - that's how we'd describe Urooj Shakeel's look at ISNA on Day 1.  You guys have made her one of our tops posts on Greater Lengths this week.

While it's hard to find the exact top Urooj wore (an original cannot be duplicated!), snag her style with a few of these classic red tops.  Careful of the hem length - you may want to ensure that these tops will float past your waist for the extra coverage Urooj was able to create.