August 29, 2012

Walking down the aisle twice in September

September brings the weddings of two of my greatest friends, Katie and Caroline.  Katie and I have been friends officially since our 9th grade Am Civ class, though I knew her in middle school as the nice, pretty girl with the long hair.  (She still is the nice, pretty girl but her hair is now shorter.)  Caroline and I met in college at JMU; we bonded over residence life horrors and business school assignments, continuing to serve as a b-school inspiration (she graduated with her MBA this past spring!)

I'll be preceding their walk down the aisle in beautiful bridesmaids dresses.  Both girls gave their bridesmaids the choice of dress, and I chose the styles below.

Caroline's wedding - September 8 (imagine it in an aqua blue)
Eden Bridal 7314
Obviously, arm coverage is important, but stylish arm coverage is even moreso.

Caroline suggested finding a white, gray, or silver cardigan and I found the perfect match in this Dorothy Perkins Silver Lurex bolero.  I'm glad I found it when I did as it's now all sold out.

Katie's gown has unique pleating detail, giving the dress some texture, as well as a bow that hangs off the shoulder.  Originally, my cousin was buying me a purple pashmina from Pakistan as the arm covering, but somehow no where in Pakistan is there a plain, purple pashmina.

Katie's wedding - September 22
Dessy 6596 in Kiwi
 Instead, I found a lace-sleeved top from Forever 21 to wear underneath, a la Kate Middleton.

Pictures of the completed outfits will come.  Any thoughts on how else to fashionably modest-ify these bridesmaids dresses for a Muslim woman?

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