July 27, 2012

FAVORITE FIND: The Must Have Zara Dress

Hi friends.  On a recent trip to Zara (an absolute fav), I stumbled upon this beauty and had to share.  It's got a casual smooth fall and that front and center applique does you the favor of coverage and funk all at once.  It's on sale here for just $30, and comes in coral and black as well!  Clear the racks ladies.


Anonymous said...

i loovee that dress!!! even though I keep gravitating toward the pink...the olive looks soo classy!

Naima said...

Hi Anonymous friend! Thanks for your comment! I have the dress in olive myself, and you're absolutely right, it is very classy! The richness of the darker color allows for accents that pop - a coral colored cardigan, a bright hijab or bracelets. And the fabric's great fall easily allows for dressing up or down. I say just get both :).