July 29, 2012

FAVORITE FIND: Cassidy Linen Blend Fit & Flare Pant by The Limited (revisited)

"How do I love thee/ Let me count the ways/ Infinity to infinity/ Plus ten days" -Salt N Pepa, Upside Down (Round and Round)

While that's a 90s reference, these pants are definitely timeless.  I wrote about them a leeetle over a month ago about how excited I was to wear them this summer, having made the purchase last summer.  Well ladies, get excited because these are now $32!

Check out these styles for your next iftar gathering, or just some plain modest Muslim American fashion.  Let us know what you think by leaving comments!

For starters, try them with a boyfriend blazer.  We recommend the Stitched Collar Jacket by The Limited, which we recently gave away to one of our dedicated readers.

You know those Pam Breeze-ly tunics from ModCloth we still love?  Try a loose and relaxed look with a bright tunic and these wide-leg pants.

Mix in that hi-low/dipped hem style for an ethereal look (modest-ify with a long tunic tee underneath for some skin and form coverage).

How about any of the shirtdresses you currently own?

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