June 3, 2012

Still giving away! - Swim Pants from HydroChic

In light of what has been a tremendous week for us here at Greater Lengths, we've decided to extend our first giveaway for another week!  We're giving away these great swimming pants from HydroChic to one lucky Greater Lengths reader!  Muslim women, you will love these modest swimming pants for the function, fashion, and most of all, freedom to go swimming this summer!
Here are them rules:
2.  Must post a response (50 words or less) to the following question on our Facebook wall: "What motivates you to work out?"

Winner will be chosen by the authors of Greater Lengths based on quality of response to the question, "What motivates you to work out?"

The contest is open from 12 pm EST, Saturday, May 26 until midnight on Saturday, June 9 to all US residents within the US.  Winners will be notified by email by Sunday, June 10, 2012.

Have fun!


Husna said...

I always say working out is necessary for my mental sanity! Something about getting your blood pumping and pushing your body to work harder is motivating in and of itself. Besides that, working out is truly my "me" time where I put away all my gadgets and worries of the day to focus on becoming stronger and healthier. Afterwards I feel renewed and who wouldn't want to feel like that everyday!

Greater Lengths said...

Thanks for entering Husna! When you have a minute, will you also post this in the Facebook wall?