June 5, 2012

REMIX: Denim Jackets, Maxi Skirts, and Chambray Shirts

You may have seen our post on maxi skirts, perhaps even coveted a few of them, but ultimately weren't sure what to do once you had them.  "How do I style this modestly, yet stylishly...without having to buy extra clothes?"

Chances are that you own each of the items worn in this post from Atlantic Pacific.

Though I'm not a fan of the popped collar look, here it works (and hence why you should only do a trend if it looks good, not because it's trendy!)

Drawing from a few things perhaps already in your closet (a denim jacket, a button down - this version - chambray shirt, and a maxi skirt purchased here), here's an easy way to get this look.

Denim jacket and chambray top from Old Navy - $34.94 and $17.50. Blue maxi skirt from Target - $18.  Raspberry maxi skirt from Piperlime - $42.97.

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