June 5, 2012

Reader Request: Long-sleeve Tees

We've been asked a few times over the last week or so a query that plagues Muslim women everywhere: where is the best place to find basic, long-sleeved tee shirts?  Especially in the spring and summer, the perfect tee layered under the perfect sleeveless summer top/dress/vest is a critical find.  Additionally, too warm or too dark a tee shirt can ruin your airy, colorful, modest look.

The key is having a bit of stretch in the fabric - contents should include "elastane" or "spandex", which provides a second-skin layer for coverage without overtaking your look.  It's generally best to steer clear of anything described as "ribbed" or "rib knit", which tends to accentuate over the curves of your body.  Check out options below for those underlying, foundational pieces no Muslim women can get enough of.


Anonymous said...

I have a closet Long Sleeve Ts but as Muslim woman summer months are just to hot for the layering of looser fitting clothes over Long Sleeve Ts and have found my solution, full length sleeves-example link is in parenthesis (http://www.ummahcouture.com/accessories/sleeve-extensions/full-length-sleeves-teal-full-sleeve.html). Give a similar coverage as Long Sleeve Ts but without the extra layers. I've recently bought these from www.UmmahCouture.com one in each of the colors they offer and I am in love.

Greater Lengths said...

Great find! It's true - layering in the summer months is tough, but remember it's all about fabric content! Cotton is great, but modal is even better! Modal and some stretch - you've got a winner!