May 29, 2012

FAVORITE FIND: Pam Breeze-ly Tunic from ModCloth

It's when I realized that I was saving this raspberry-colored tunic top from ModCloth for "special looks" at work that I realized I needed to share it with you all.

Retailing for $34 from Modcloth, this mandarin-color tunic top is a lightweight button-down work blouse, and will extend far past your waste, politely covering those nether regions in the front and back.  The tunic top comes in an array of bright colors to add that POP to your summer wardrobe.


Abeer said...

first of all wonderful blog! I'm in the midst of starting one with a friend and its a lot of work and you guys are doing an amazing job! great idea!

second of all, I love these tops, can you tell me how far down they come? and they're not see through right?

Farrah said...

Salaam Abeer! Thank you for the encouragement! We're trying hard to conquer that age-old problem, which sometimes seems to have an added layer of challenge being Muslim while stylish. Thanks for being a reader!

I LOVE my Pam Breeze-ly top. It's lightweight but not see-through (unless you plan on standing in front of a spotlight but then what isn't then?). The front and back hems of the shirt extend about 6-8" past my hip bone, comfortably covering both my bottom and front. It's decent coverage, considering I'm about 5'7" - being long enough on me = long enough on almost anyone!

Abeer said...

awesome! Jazaky Allah khair!

Farrah said...

Abeer! Salaam! Just wanted to follow up and see how the blouse worked out for you. Do you like it? Is the length long enough?