May 19, 2012

Boyfriends of the Halal Kind

My favorite blazer - the one with the best pop of color, fit, and style - came, surprisingly, from a thrift store.  I stopped on a whim at the store on a random day off of work, and found it a few minutes before giving up the search for something cool.  The best part of this blazer, aside from the bright cypress green color - is the length.  Long enough to fall below my natural waist, high enough to make it me look professional without frump.

A challenge for all Muslim women out there is finding an item of clothing at the right length (hence why we're here!).  On a recent shopping trip to the mall, I spotted this blazer from The Limited and tore it off the hanger.  The fit was great, the length was golden, and the color so unique.  If not for the limited time (really I was supposed to just pick up an engagement present for a friend on this trip), it would be hanging in my closet right now.

For those of you on the search for similar, long boyfriend blazers, here are a few that we loved.  They all deliver that punch of color for your spring wardrobe.

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