April 14, 2012

Long and lean workout tops

Just another few weeks and I'll know if my lottery is chosen for the NYC Marathon, which would make it my 3rd marathon, insha'Allah.

I'm coveting workout clothes in the meantime, which is a complicated matter when you're training in the summer in humid, sweltering heat (especially like the kind we experience here in Northern Virginia).  My summer training runs can be derailed if donning too many layers, which is tough when much of what I own is long-sleeved and meant for the winter - many Muslim women may experience the same.

Nike is finally beginning to realize that women prefer long, lean looks and as such, have some affordable items in their summer lines.

This is another great, long layer - easily worn with a sheer technical top (Under Armour makes some good ones).  While working out in 100% cotton is not ideal, it's still a comfortable long top that makes running more about running, less about worrying about your rear.  Available at Nike.com for $40 plus 6% cash back or Lady Foot Locker for $47 plus 3% cash back through Ebates.com.

Nike Racer Tank Women's Dress
Nike Racer Tank Women's Dress

Nike's Luxe line also contains a lot of options, including this cute giraffe tank for $26 from Nike.com.

This fabulous dress is a mix of Nike's patented Dri-Fit and other fabrics.  Starts at $40 (plus 6% cash back from Ebates!)

Finally, the Nike 6.0 Luxe Women's Dress, available for $50 on Nike.com (plus 6% cash back from Ebates!)

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