April 15, 2012

Get your beach pants on!

In favor of modesty, at times Muslim women miss out on some of the more fun summer activities, including swimming.  We previously featured a post for swimming clothing options - other than the overpriced and unreliable burqinis that exist out there.

We've scoured the web and handily deliver this first round of swim pants to you.

These are in the front running for what could be my new swim pants.  Hydrochic's aptly named "Modest Swimming Pants" are THE pants for Muslim women swimmers!  These lightweight, loose pants that offer 2 way stretch and are quick drying, perfect for those trips to the beach or the pool this summer!  They are priced at $64, but pair that with a $30 rashguard, you've got a Muslim swimming outfit for less than $100!

Hydrochic Modest Swimming Pants
( http://hydrochic.com/modest-swimming-pants3.html l)

UV Swimwear - Swim Tights - $59

  The SunSafe UV/UPF Free to Be Me AquaPants come in only at $37.99 and are available through Alex & Me Company

SunSafe UV/UPF Free to Be Me AquaPants - $37.99 at Alex and Me Company

Finally, SunGrubbies offers these Water Pants at $50.  They come only in black but offer great sun protection and are chlorine-safe.

SunGrubbies Water Pants UV Protective Swim Wear


Talia Townson said...

Ohhhh I do love those Hydrochic tops, just what me and my sister were looking for (thanks!)

Farrah said...

Thanks for sharing Talia! We've begun working closer with HydroChic and will be posting a personalized link to their site just for our Greater Lengths readers! You may be able to get a discount for being referred to the store by us! Be on the lookout for that link soon!

Anonymous said...

thanx! for sharing. also, just fyi, splashgear offers swim pants without the attached skirt. they are called resort pants. don't know if i can post a url, but perhaps you can post the splashgear resort pants webpage to add to this blog article.

Farrah said...

Thanks! We we are hoping to do another round of modest swimwear when spring and summer get closer. We'd love to do a giveaway with them!

Anonymous said...

i know that splashgear has indeed done outfit giveaways in the past, so, they might be up for another swimwear giveaway. contact them either through their customer.service or their sales e-mail address and pitch your proposal. best wishes!

Farrah said...

Thanks! Insha'Allah, we'll reach out to them soon and hear a positive response! Be on the lookout and thank you for the suggestion.