March 7, 2012

We've Got a Jumper...

Bringing it back to the 90's with this one...  Remember those jumpsuits we all had such a tenuous relationship with?  Loving the look, hating the look, buying the look, never actually wearing the look, wishing we'd at least attempted to pull off the look, resenting the months worth of closet time (and space) the neglected and still-tagged look had so rightfully earned? 

Well.  I went there.  I couldn't help myself.  Here's hoping that a couple decades worth of maturity has improved that finicky fashion perspective from the past.

My thinking is to pair these modern day remakes with tops that effectively hide the rear and front area, yet expose the uniformity of the jumpsuit itself.  Let us know what you think!

An asymmetrical cardi tied in the front does the trick as well.  Try these.

And, finally, an extended palette for those ready to take the jumpsuit plunge.


Saba said...

love it .. i always hesitated to do the jumpsuit look for the reasons you listed .. i never thought of putting something over it because i always thought it would take away from the uniformity of the jumpsuit. but doing deepnecks which would exxpose the top half the jumpsuit totally works !! maybe i'll try and send you a pic !

Naima said...

Thanks so much for your comment Saba! Please do send us a pic if you end up trying the look!