March 7, 2012

Wearing my words

A few weeks ago, I posted a series on blue-and-yellow as spring's next big thing and coincidentally, scooped the leap day episode of 30 Rock with Leap Day Williams.

Today, I am putting my money where my mouth is, wearing this outfit today:

I actually own those blue pants and marigold sweater pictured above.

I had a typical getting ready episode this morning of not knowing what to wear.  I spied the navy blue pants, same as those pictured above, falling off a shelf in my closet, and the exact sweater pictured above, waiting to be folded on a chair in my room.  Fortuitously, this outfit was meant to be today.

I layered the sweater on top of a lacey sleeveless tunic to give myself a little bit of coverage down below, and finished with the blazer for the business outfit my consulting job requires.  A pair of gray, pointed toe flats added softness to the look.  Viola!  Business casual Muslim woman!  Workday, here I come!

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