March 11, 2012

Sunday Night Sale at Piperlime

It's no secret that Piperlime is a favorite of this blogger.  Naturally, when it came time to procrastinate from preparing for a final tomorrow, it's where I went to check out the latest sales (and to see if I wanted to treat myself to a birthday present).

Here are some favorite finds.  Need inspiration on how to style these items?  Check out a few of these recent blog posts.

1.  Remix - Cameron Diaz Casual (for skinnies, boots, and cropped sweaters)
2.  Flowy skirts and cropped tops
3.  Sequins and jeans
4.  Dressing up those neutrals (for layering tanks with sweaters and tops)

Click on the images to be taken to Piperlime's site for size and availability.

Combine these with our recent foundations to make them an easier wear for Muslim women.

Sequins for a little spring pizzazz!

Why wear pants when you can wear a dress?

For everything else!

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