March 19, 2012

Reader Request: Opaque Leggings

A reader recently asked us to post about opaque tights, and a timely request indeed.  Colorblocking is the new black, and has hit the streets of DC with a vengeance.  We've seen lots of great examples of saturated color, though the catch comes that the little minis - skirts, shorts - that usually associate themselves with the style are out of the Muslim element.

Instead, we paired a mid-ballet skirt (tulle and all) with a few bolds to copy the look and still get in our opaque tights plus color-blocking.  Triple win!

Asos skirt: $16.11
Tights: $10 - $16 (Bloomingdales and Topshop
Tops: $19.99 - $19.99 (Madewell and Lucky)

Another way to go is the ever-present hi-low skirt.

Finally, feeling prints?

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