March 5, 2012

Reader Request: Foundations

I'm elated and positively overjoyed (seriously, I'm squealing over here) to say that we have our first reader request!  A frequent reader and friend of the blog asked the following:
Can you post something on where to find the best basics...tees, camis, tanks etc?
A good foundation is literally the building block for a solid work of art, and though it should not be hard to find, frustratingly, it is.  Like the case with Goldilocks, a foundation piece (aka, a basic t-shirt or tank top worn under a top) can be too short or too tight or too risque (read: hinting of cleavage) for that otherwise Islamically-appropriate outfit.

We did our thing and found those hard to find foundation basics in easy to reach stores, as told by you.

Nordstrom: Emily Blu Tunic Tank, $24
Asos: Boyfriend T-Shirt, $17.91
American Apparel: Long Sleeve T Shirt, $20
Mango: Fitted Long Sleeve T Shirt, $16.99
Victoria's Secret: V-Neck Tunic, $24.50

Tunic tanks:

Boyfriend Tees and other long t-shirts:

Tunic, Long Sleeve T-shirts:

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