March 18, 2012

An Evening to Remember - Shimmery Dresses

A friend of mine recently posted a photo of herself and her husband on a red carpet.  She had beautifully matched a printed full-length, full-skirt maxi dress with a leather jacket and black chiffon hijab.  Effortlessly chic and stunningly regal at the same time.

In honor of her red-carpet appearance, and the need for every Muslim woman to own at least one sparkling gown, we encourage everyone to think about what their closet needs as their "go-to" for their party-dress - for weddings, for work parties, or if you find yourself on one, the red-carpet.

Of the ones I'd pick, this is my first-choice: The Evening of Effervecence Dress, available for $94.90 at ModCloth.  Those waves create a softness and movement to the dress without losing interest.

Compiled are a few others, just as soft and pretty, with a little detail for your personal style.

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